Monday, August 11, 2008

Salsa, really?

So, Avery will basically eat anything. It is great. The other day I made salsa and was having some in the kitchen and Avery walked up to me and was pulling on my leg. I picked her up and she leaned in to get a bite of what mom was eating. Anyways, I gave her a little bite and she was seriously hogging on salsa. And it was not the most mild salsa I have ever had. I am so gratefull for a baby who is such a good eater.

I need some help with some baby shower games. I am throwing a shower for a friend and I want all your ideas on some good games!! Thanks.


Mama J said...

Go your little heart out! As for games, I'm really not great in that department, but you can do the traditional melted candy bar in the diaper, that's always disgusting and fun!!

Cassie and Kenny said...

Avery is so fun, she should play with claire and maggie more often!! I like the idea of having the mom to be soaking her feet in some sudsy, aromatic soak.. We could pamper her like a princess.

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

Nice to see you.. I found you through Holly's blog.. your little girl is darling! Hope life is great for you kids there in Hanford. How's your hubby liking being a counselor already... boy that's young! Good luck with all and look forward to seeing more blogs of yours. You can see ours by clicking on our name.. (you probably knew that already) Have a great Labor Holiday! Wow! Your family has grown up so fast. I can't believe Corin's graduation picture! So pretty! All of you. Even Justin's not bad... hee hee.