Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monster shirts

Whenever my friend Caitlin comes into town she always gets the girls something cute. This time she got them blank shirts and these iron on make your own monster kits. The girls had a fun time making them and now they don't want to take the dang things off. June has named her shirt some random noise that she makes and Avery's is named Pinkie. Silly little girls.


These little ladies love smoothies and the love helping make them. Its really cute to hear June wake up in the morning and ask for a "bamba" or a Jamba Juice. The girls then run into the kitchen and help pull out the blender and all the ingredients and then sit on the counter and help put it all together. I am pretty sure they would have a smoothie every day,

4th of July

Our holiday weekend was great this year! We had a fun BBQ with some family and friends and followed it with some fireworks. All the girls did was swim in the pool, which is not surprising at all. Avery and June both loved watching the fireworks and playing with their sparklers. After fireworks were over, we took the girls home and put them to bed and then Jeff and I had some friends over for some more festivities. Over all it was a great weekend, so much so that Avery keeps asking if each night since is the 4th of July.


We had a nice break in the 100 degree weather and we decided to spend the day at the zoo. The girls had a great time running around and looking at all the animals. I think that our favorite part was the little baby monkeys that we got to see. We probably spent at least 20 minutes looking at those little guys! My girls are such good girls and were so fun to take to the zoo.