Sunday, June 10, 2012

5 month Nora

Our little baby is getting so big. She is 5 months now and is doing really good. She really loves to rough house with daddy, loves to laugh, loves when mommy holds her, loves when her sisters play with her, and is great at being cute. We also see a little tooth coming in and she is drooling up a storm. Our little Nora is a wiggle bug just like her sisters and she cannot wait to get out of my arms and start running. We love our little munchkin.

Helpful Avery

Nothing makes me happier than when my girls are loving and helpful to each other. Lately Avery has been very helpful with Nora and with June and has been asking if she can do things like help feed Nora. I think that its just too cute to see them interact with each other.

My girls

My girls make me so happy. So does the man who helped my make them.

Pre School Graduation

We are so proud of our little Avery and cannot believe how time is just flying by. She graduated from preschool, which means that she is now going to be in kindergarden!! She was totally being her goofy self during graduation, and it was fun to watch her enjoying herself. Jeff brought her flowers and she thought that it was so cool that daddy got her flowers.


I seriously think that I could just smooch Nora's fat little face all day long!

Swim lessons

June did swim lessons at the beginning of summer and she did great. She cried for the first week or so, but by the end of the two weeks she was having a good time. I was so proud of her for doing swim lessons even though I knew that she was scared. It makes me so proud to see the look on her face when she swims all by her self. We love our little June bug.