Sunday, May 17, 2009

We have been busy

We have been so busy lately. We have been looking for a home to buy for about 2 years, and we finally found the right one for us. It is safe to say that it needed some work before we could move in. The entire house was pretty much a mess, from holes in the walls, to nasty paint, and torn out carpet and floring. These picture are to show the work that we have been doing. The previous owners had painted the entire house these really bold, very nasty colors...floor to celing. So we basically had to repaint the entire house. They had the floors torn out, so Jeff is putting in some wood floring and carpet in the rooms. We are very happy with how it looks so far and are excited to move in. I realize that I do not have any pictures of the outside of the house, so I will be sure to get those taken and posted.

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks..

Avery is in love with Sharks, seriously. She found her Aunt Corin wearing some boxer shorts that were sharks and it was all over. Now she love to wear them with a belt. Someone told me the other day that I should just let her watch scary videos of sharks on youtube, but all that does is get her more excited about sharks. She even does shark noises. Go figure.

Before it got HOTT!

I have been so bad this month about posting on our blog, so you guys are getting quite a bit of a back track. This was just a fun day at the park before it got too hot to go outside. This park was actually a school playground and there was a slide at this playground that Avery just loved and the thing was massively steep. I wish I would have taken a picture of the side view.