Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm a nut!

We were all swimming in the pool this afternoon and Avery was just jumping in and acting like her crazy self. All of us were laughing and my mom called Avery a little nut. So, she continued to swim, but all the while saying ,"I'm a nut, I'm a nut." She sure is our little nut. Speaking of nuts, which have become a staple of Avery's diet, I am just having the hardest time getting this little one to eat normal human food. She was such a good eater when she was younger, but lately she just will not eat anything normal. No pasta, rice, beans, eggs, etc. Basically whole wheat toast, nuts, fruit, frozen peas, salsa, and dairy. It is getting kinda hard to think of many variations of these foods. For dinner the other night I made these pasta noodles that she has been bugging me to open and I put cheese on them. She would not eat them cooked, but ate handfuls of them raw with ketchup. Good times. So, if any of you have suggestions on what to do please let me know. I am basically willing to try anything.

Is Avery ready for a little sis?

We sure hope so!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, little girls...

I really hope that every ones kids are as funny as mine. Avery loves to do makeup with me and go through my drawers and she found a box of some pads, or stickers as she calls them. She had them on her tummy and her head and came up to me with some on her feet and said,"mom, shoes!" Jeff and I were dying.

Avery is learning colors right now and just loves blue. She was going through my drawers and found a blue sports bra and some blue undies that she just had to put on. She walked around the house in her high heals and was sweeping the floor. But you know how it goes, pull the camera out and she takes off the shoes and wont stand up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

20 weeks

Its a girl!! We had an ultrasound a week ago and found out that we are giving Avery a little baby sister. I am very exited because already have everything for a girl and they will be born in the same season, so we wont have to buy any new clothes. YEAH!! This pregnancy it going very well. The baby is growing great and has all her little parts accounted for. We are so blessed and I am just in awe at what a miracle this is.

Cute chairs

I have had these scarves that I bought at thrift stores since I was in Highschool. I used them everywhere I have lived, but I did not know what to do with them anymore. So I decided that I would use them to cover our chairs. I think that they turned out pretty cute. And its great because I covered them with thin plastic, so Avery can just go ahead and spilll

Swimming, swimming and more swimming

We have had a wierd summer so far, well as far as weather goes anyways. It has not stopped Avery from getting in the pool every single day. She loves to stand on the side and jump in and actually swims across the pool with her floaties. What a big girl!