Monday, March 21, 2011

Bananna head

June LOVES banannas and can literally eat a whole bananna in like a minute. It is actually quite impressive. She just shoves it in her mouth. I also wanted to get a picture of June reading her books. I always find her sitting by the book shelf with books everywhere and her in the middle just reading away. Its pretty cute

Tea and crazy cakes

Oh my little Avery...

Avery spilled water all over her clothes after we were playing tea party and was upset that she spilled all of her tea. She wanted all her clothes off because they were all wet. So she took them off and went and sat on the couch while I cleaned up. I turn around and she has her head in her hands and she said, "hurry up mom, all my friends cant see me like this".

The other day June was walking around in high heels and stepped on Avery's leg. I told June to be careful where she was walking and then I asked Avery if she was ok. She said, "No biggie mom, I'm all about families".

I told Avery the other morning during breakfast that she makes more of a mess on the floor than her baby sister. she said, "Wow mom, that was insensitive."

An Avery prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all my silly band bracelets. I know I am not wearing them right now, but I will be sure to get them on in the morning. Amen".

I love my little crazy cakes. She is getting too big too fast.

Park with cousin Kaylie

Last month we had a surprise visit from Jeffs brother Trevor and his wife and little girl Kaylie. It was so fun to see them and visit. We took the kids to the park to play where Avery posed for the camera and Kaylie and June swung on the bars. We had such a nice visit.


Auntie Ki got a bunny for Valentines day and the girls love her!

Sharing at school

Avery loves sharing time at school. She always wants to bring one of her animals to share with the kids. This time it was cheetah.

Trampoline in the rain

I always remember going outside in the rain to jump on the trampoline when I was a kid. We always put garbage bags on our feet and jumped around for hours. It was so much fun, I thought I would let Avery in on the fun. I'm having a hard time remembering why garbage bags on out feet were so crucial... oh well, she had fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow Day

Since Avery just loved the snow last year, we decided that we would take another trip this year. Its safe to say that it did not go as well as expected. The kids hated it this year. I am guessing that it was because the snow was really deep and they could not walk around very well, but I dont know. Avery and June mostly just ate snow and wanted to be held. We also fulfilled our wonderful snowman building tradition and added sofa building to the mix. Overall we had a good time and I am hoping that next year they will enjoy the snow again.

I am pretty sure that the majority of time both of the girls were just eating snow.