Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We decided to head to Sacramento for a few days so that I could go to one of my good friends wedding. We headed up a few days early and visit with some other friends. An old room mate of mine offered to let us stay with her for a day or so and we were excited to see her and let our kids play. Avery loved playing with Sam and Cali and kept asking to stay another night with her new friends. But what trip is not complete without some drama? We ended up having to take our little June to the Er on Thursday night. The week before we left on our trip she had been having mild fevers on and off. I did not really think anything of it because she it cutting teeth and that is totally normal for her. But after we arrived on Thursday night her fever was 102 with Tylenol, we could not get her to stop screaming and her soft spot was bulging. My first thought was Meningitis and I could not wait through the night wondering, so we took her in. The Dr. ran some tests and it turns out that she had a UTI. Poor little thing. She was a trooper through the whole thing and we are glad to have our happy little baby back with us.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Kristin and Marc's sealing in the Sacramento temple. She looked so beautiful and it was so good to see her and catch up with some old friends.

We spent the second half of our trip with some family friends up the hill from Sacramento. Avery woke up early on Sunday so her and I went exploring. I would love to live up in the beautiful rolling hills. Avery and I had fun looking for lizards and just running around.

Avery loves to hold hands with her friends and its quite cute.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Froggies, Bubbles and Berries

When I was growing up my mom would take us to the park during the early summer and we would come home with loads of baby frogs. As kids we just loved our new pets and by the time we were sick of them it was time for them to go in the garden to eat bugs and snails. The perfect pet. So, I took Avery to the park this year and we came home with loads of baby frogs. She just loved it.

Now that we finally have some grass in the backyard it has been fun to spend some time there. Bubbles are always a hit for Avery.

We love Strawberry season! We have a fruit stand right around the corner and I get a little reminder from the back seat every time we drive past the fruit stand that we need to get some berries. I got home one day and set the container on the counter and turned my head for a sec and this is what I found.