Monday, August 11, 2008

Salsa, really?

So, Avery will basically eat anything. It is great. The other day I made salsa and was having some in the kitchen and Avery walked up to me and was pulling on my leg. I picked her up and she leaned in to get a bite of what mom was eating. Anyways, I gave her a little bite and she was seriously hogging on salsa. And it was not the most mild salsa I have ever had. I am so gratefull for a baby who is such a good eater.

I need some help with some baby shower games. I am throwing a shower for a friend and I want all your ideas on some good games!! Thanks.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


We all went camping a few weeks ago and I am finally getting around to putting pictures on the blog. But, here they are. We had a good time hanging out with family and playing in the water. And Avery did surprisingly well.

So, even though the water was freezing, Avery loved it. I pulled her out at one time because she was shaking and her feet and legs were freezing, but she clawed her way back in. Then I turn my head for a minute and she had rocks in her mouth. It was pretty funny.

Jeff jumping off a rock.

Doing a flip off a rock. The water was so cold!!