Sunday, January 2, 2011

Off to Primary

Our little muffin moved from nursery to primary today. Sniff, sniff.. she is getting so big. I had to get a picture of these three little muffins. I know they will look back at this picture and laugh.


Jeff has taken up Leather making as a hobby. He mostly makes holsters for guns but this year for Christmas he made a pair of sandals for Corin. The! He did such a good job...and I cant wait for mine!

Christmas Day

We had a great and mellow Christmas this year. We woke up Christmas morning and the girls opened their stockings and then we headed over to my parents house for breakfast and then presents. Avery got Zoobles this year, June got a walking kitty, both girls got a trampoline from my parents and Jeff and I got bikes. With the help of Grandma, Avery got everyone a present and decorated the boxes. It was very cute to have her help everyone open their box. That evening for Christmas dinner we made and served dinner for the women's shelter here in town. We had a wonderful Christmas and it was a great way to end the year.

Christmas Eve treasure hunt

We had our traditional treasure hunt this year for the kids, which only really involves Avery right now. She had fun finding all the clues and finally her present. We had a nice Christmas Eve also. Jeff and I hosted this year and we had soups and bread. It was all very delicious and I think that we are going to make Christmas Eve at our house another tradition.

Christmas Program

This year Avery had a Christmas program at school. Each kid dressed up like an angel and they sang a few cute little Christmas songs. Avery mostly just made some funny faces and looked around to find me and waved. Silly little one!


I found a new little hobby and its fun!!

Hanford Snow

I remember when I was a kid we just loved going to the school around the corner and run through the water puddles. Its just Hanfords idea of snow. The girls just loved it and we will definently be going back soon.