Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I think we might be crawling soon!!
"ooooohhhh, wait Mom. Get a picture or me drinking this pink cup!"
"Ohh, ohh, me too!"

Momma and Nora

6 Month Nora

Our little Nora is 6 months old and doing just great. She has two little teeth that she got this last month seems to be growing some more. This little munchkin loves to eat real food and is getting really good and feeding herself and she loves doing it. When ever she sees me or the girls eating anything, she reaches for it and wants to do it herself. She is pretty cute. I love staring at her beautiful blue eyes and listening to her talk to me and smile and laugh. Jeff always laughs at her cute little chubby arms and her "fat tan lines" on her arms. We love our little baby Nora. I realized after taking these pictures and posting them that she is totally wearing the same outfit as her 5 month pictures. Ha!


Ice likes to take the girls to see movies every time something fun comes out. The most recent movie was Brave. She surprised the girls with Brave dresses to wear to the show. It was actually Junes first movie in a theater and it was a little much for her, but both girls liked the movie and their new dresses.

A Sink Bath

June is really good at entertaining herself, which is so nice and is also quite funny sometimes to see what she comes up with to do for fun. This particular day I heard her singing across the house and I walked to the bathroom to find her naked in a "sink bath". Such a silly little girl.