Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday best

Happy 3rd Birthday June

Our June is 3 and is the silliest girl in the the world. We love her so much and were so excited for her birthday party. She wanted a scooter so that she could ride with her big sister and more puzzles. June also requested a bounce house birthday party and ice cream cone cupcakes for her party. She had such a great time and she is still talking about her bounce house and telling me that probably Nora is going to want one for her birthday party.

First pony tail


Avery and June had so many ideas for Halloween this year. It started with Transformers, then it was horses, and the finally they settled on black cats. It was actually quite nice that they wanted to be the same thing because it made getting costumes together so easy. They had so much fun dressing up and going trick or treating.

Cotton Gin

Last month my aunt and uncle were here visiting and they wanted to take a tour of a dairy and a cotton gin. All the cousins had such a good time running around throwing cotton at each other and running around.

In the rain

My little ladies love to play outside, but when its raining, its an extra bonus.