Sunday, February 10, 2008

At the park

So, these last few weeks have been fun. Avery is growing more and more every day. A few weeks ago she started rolling over. Front to back, and back to front. She likes to hold her own cup and eat everything I am eating. She is such a spaz. I love the shirt she is wearing in most of these pictures because she truly is a wiggle worm. We are seriously walking around all day. I cannot wait until she can crawl and move around some on her own. She is so dang cute and I am loving being her mommy!!

Playing on the swing. It was funny to see her trying to jump in the swing because she thought it was her jumper.

Having fun on the slide

Ready for summer!!!

So, we went to the carters outlet, which is my favorite store now, and I wanted to get Avery a new swim suite. Well, we walked away with a little more. She totally picked these glasses out of a bowl when we were paying and she loves to wear them. It is really cute.

All ready for summer!!

My sister got a new puppy and Avery just cracks up when he licks her face. It is really cute.

Avery playing with my sisters new puppy