Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's potty time again

Potty training, oh potty training. I was not prepared for what this little one threw my way. Avery was such an easy potty trainer that I just did not expect for such a fight. Anyways, I was determined to get June out of diapers before another little one came into our family. It is just about a month later and June is doing much better. I have just learned that it is totally up to her and I have to find diferent things every day to motivate her. She loves to go potty on the toilet but also has no problem just peeing on the floor. Oh our little stubborn one. We sure do love her and are so proud of the progress that she is making and I am happy to say that we will only have one kid in diapers. Woo!

First day of School

Another school year is upon us. Avery is back at pre school and is loving every minute of it, just like last year.

Avery is 4

Avery turned 4 back on September 6th, and yes, I am just getting around to semi blogging about it. I have been waiting to post about her birthday because I wanted to wait until we had her 4 year old picture done, but those wont be ready for a few weeks. Anyways, Avery wanted donuts for her breakfast on her birthday, so she went with daddy to pick some out. She is in love with horses, so she asked grandma and grampa for a big horse for her birthday and she just loves it. The weekend before her birthday we went camping for the weekend and we had a little mountain party for her. She wanted potatoes and cucumbers for her birthday dinner. And she opened presents from mom and dad and Ki and Hugo. We got her a kid proof digital camera and Ki and Hugo got her some bug catching gear. She had so much fun running around in her gear and taking pictures of everything. I still hear her talking about how much fun she had in the mountains. A week later she had a party with all her firends. It was a swim party complete with some fun games and just kids having a good time. We just love our 4 year old and are so proud and blessed to be her parents. More to come about Avery as soon as we get her pictures done.

Pumpkin Patch

Avery's class took a trip to the Punpkin Patch this year. I just love going with her on her school trips and I know June does too. The girls got to play in the corn box and pick out a pumpkin. It was a fun morning with my girls.

When we got home from Avery's field trip she found a furry caterpillar crawling on the house and she wanted to keep him for a pet. She named him Mr. Fuzzy pants and kept him in a bowl in her room for a few days. She decided that she should let him go because he was eating and pooping a lot. Silly girl.

We later painted the punpkins that the girls picked out for our family night. I think they had more fun painting themselves and their paint shirts.

Another day

Our girls are cute, right? I tend to think so. They were just looking too cute the other day, I just had to take some pictures.

The girls love washing the car with me. I think its mostly the whole getting soaking wet and the bubbles that interests them because they don't do a whole lot of washing. But they sure have fun.