Sunday, June 5, 2011


Avery had her little promotion graduation last week. I was actually not going to take her but when we showed up for school the day before the kids had practiced two songs to sing and Avery was quite excited to go. I am glad that we did because it was cute to see her singing with her friends and having fun.


Avery's class took a field trip to a cow dairy down the street a little while ago. The kids had so much fun petting and feeding the baby cows. Especially because my girls just love animals!


Oh how Avery loves her new bike!! Jeff took Avery to the store yesterday to pick out her bike and then brought it home and put it together. She has basically been riding it non stop since yesterday. After Jeff put it together Avery and I went for a ride. Well, she rode and I ran next to her and she rode for like an hour. She keeps saying that she just wants to go in the garage and look at her bike, sit on it, and take some more pictures.


I signed Avery up for a community ballet class a few months ago. Ballet is really not her thing, but I figured that it would be good for her. Turns out I was right. She had a hard time the first few classes staying and finishing the class, but now she does great. She had her first recital a few weeks ago and turns out that I suck a little bit. Apparently I forgot to sign her up to be in the recital and when we showed up her teacher said that she could not be in it. When Avery saw all her buddies in her class she ran to them and totally pumped them up, so her teacher said that she could join in. She did great and we couldn't be more proud of our little one.


Tangled, or as June calls it, Hairs has become a little bit of an obscession aound the house these days. Avery wanted to get the Rapunzle dress and wig when she saved up enough money, but we decided on just the dress and that we would just make some hair. It sure was a hit. She just ties it in her hair and she turns into Rapunzle. She loves to swing from her hair on her swing, sing to me, and just run around and "let down her hair". All little girls need this in their dress up box!