Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nora's baby blessing

Nora was blessed a few weeks ago at church. Jeff's parents came from Utah to be here for the blessing. It was a very sweet blessing and was a good day spent with family.

Holding baby sis

The girls have been wanting to hold Nora but June wanted to practice first. So, here she is practicing holding Nora before she actually did. It was pretty cute.

Avery is warming up to holding her baby sister and wants to hold her more and more these days. She likes to hold her in the bath tub and loves to talk to her and maker her smile. Avery is a great big sister.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Junie Bug

It has been fun to spend some one on one time with June while Avery is at school. She is really a sweet and silly little girl. She loves to read books with me and play basically anything. But most of her favorite games have to do with princesses or animals. I love her sweet little face and her cute smile.


There has been a stray cat that comes around our house and just hangs out all the time. The girls love animals, so naturally they just love this cat. I really am not a fan of cats, but this cat is really nice. June has practically squashed it to death countless times but it has never tried to hurt the girls. Avery loves Milo and wanted to take some pictures with him.

Our Girls

Are they not the cutest? Here are all our girls ready and looking so cute on Nora's first Sunday going to church. They are so beautiful!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 month old

Oh how I love this little baby. I have seriously just been cherishing this little one so much. She has the sweetest disposition and hardly ever cries. I could seriously just hold her all day and love it. She has some beautiful blue eyes and I am hoping that they stay that way.

Christmas Dresses

The girls were so excited to pick out dresses this year. Mostly because they are bigger and fuller than most dresses they own, so naturally they now want to wear them every day.