Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nora's first hours

I am so very late blogging about our little one and looking back at these pictures makes me realize how much she has changed and how just how scared we were when she was first born. I was so scared when she came out that she was not breathing that I did not even notice how much hair this little one had and just how perfect she was. It was all so emotional too because I did not get to hold her for very long before they took her away to the nursery to watch her for a while. I remember how blue her hands and her feet were and just how scared it made me. It was so sad too because a few days before I was induced I had a dream that Nora was still inside me and just clinging to me, almost as if she did not want to come out. So, to had her rushed away from me was pretty rough. She is still a little snuggle bunny and just clings to me when I hold her. How sweet she is.

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