Sunday, August 3, 2008


We all went camping a few weeks ago and I am finally getting around to putting pictures on the blog. But, here they are. We had a good time hanging out with family and playing in the water. And Avery did surprisingly well.

So, even though the water was freezing, Avery loved it. I pulled her out at one time because she was shaking and her feet and legs were freezing, but she clawed her way back in. Then I turn my head for a minute and she had rocks in her mouth. It was pretty funny.

Jeff jumping off a rock.

Doing a flip off a rock. The water was so cold!!


GILES FAM said...

how fun! And can I just say that I seriously am in LOVE with Avery's thighs? They are basically amazing!

GILES FAM said...

Happy late B-day, Panties! Hope you had a great day!!

Cami, Chris and Bretton said...

Looks like fun! I love camping, but it just gets too hot here to go! Anyway, just gotta say my fav is the picture of the 2 baldies... like father like daughter!! I love it! Can't wait to meet you and Avery both someday!

Cassie and Kenny said...

Nice! Dude, you seem so girlie, but really you are a studly athlete.