Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Late Christmas update

I know that I am a little late on the Christmas update, but better late than never. We stayed here in Hanford for Christmas. It was so fun to have Avery for her first Christmas. She dose not really get very excited about presents or anything, but I sure got excited for the both of us. She got a jumper from my parents, a rocking horse, a big stuffed alligator from her pappa, and some baby vans from her aunt Kilean. It was a wonderful first Christmas.
So, we started giving Avery solid foods of Christmas. It was so cute to see her learn how to swallow food. She actually did really well.

Grandma and Grampa got Avery a jumper for Christmas. She loves it. Seriously, she jumps so high. It is really funny to watch her . I crack up every time.

Merry Christmas everybody!! Here is Avery on Christmas morning. Does she not look thrilled to open her presents?!!

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