Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleep training fun!!

So, the last few weeks we have spent sleep trainig Avery. She was sleeping so well for a while and then she started waking up during the night again. About every two hours. I love my baby and all, but wow. I was starting to get a little tired. I knew that it was time. I had to prepare myself because I had heard horror stories about moms who had to let their babys cry for 2 hours before they fell asleep. I was a little nervous because I have a hard time listening to her cry for 5 minutes. Well, Avery did such a good job. She only cried for like 20 mins the first night. And it has only gone uphill from there. We now do our routine every night ( dinner, bath, book, and bed) at 6:30 and lay her in her bed by 7 and she is out. She only wakes up once around 4 or 5 to eat and goes back to sleep until 7:30 0r 8. No more rocking her to sleep and quietly putting her in her bed careful not to blink in fear of waking her. No more binkie to sleep. Oh, its amazing!! Now she is napping better and is such a happier baby. We do have to keep her up between naps so that she will actually sleep during her naps. If it were up to her she would sleep for 10 mins every hour. So, this picture cracks me up. This is Avery trying so hard to stay awake inbetween naps. Its safe to say it did not work so well..

So, if you dont have one of these you have to get one. Avery loves it. It is really cute to try to see her figure out why this mesh thing tastes so good. This one is nice because you freeze the bottom part and it keeps the food inside cold.

Avery playing with her alligator she got for Christmas.


Alicia said...

I know that process oh too well. Hailey did the same thing. So now we're working on that. She's actually doing really well. I love the picture when Avery is asleep in her exersaucer! So cute!

Amanda said...

Silvester has never accepted sleep training. We'd get it down then go on a trip and it would lose it's stick. And now, since he can pull up, we'll go into his room and find him screaming and jumping up and down in his crib. He can outlast us by a long shot, and continues to wake up every few hours. You are very fortunate to have some sleep.

Heather said...

Hang in there.... (this is Heather=the cousin) I survived the twins who STILL do that from time to time and they just turned 4 last friday.... just wait till she can get out of her crib... that's fun, and unlock doors, and empty refridgerators all while you sleep... they' get sneaky.. or maybe that's just my kids. But from the sounds of things Amanda may end up in a similar situation. Good luck girls!