Thursday, November 29, 2007

Turkey Day!

Well, this year we headed up to Sacramento for Thanksgiving. We left at 10 pm so that Avery would sleep in the car. It worked like a charm. We had tons of fun hanging out with Jeffs family and we had a great Thanksgiving dinner. While we were in Sac we got to hang out with all my old room mates from school. The pic on the right in Avery and Zoe. She is my room mate Janelle's baby and is about 7 months old. How cute!

This is Jeffs family all at the table feasting on some dang good food.

All ready for bed after a busy day. She finally fits her bunny slippers. My dad got those for her and I can remember putting them on her when she was first born and her ankles looked like sticks coming out of the ends of the slippers. Now they fit.. Yeah.

I decided to give Avery a bath in the sink. It just seemed easier than in the tub. Look at all those rolls!!!
I am not so good at remembering to post on our blog. So this is whats new with our family. Avery is 3 months now and is getting cuter every day. I love how much she smiles, especially in the morning. I am still staying home with her and am loving being a mommy. We are also moving on the 10th of December to a nicer, bigger house. I am so excited to finally set up a nursery for Avery and have room for all of our stuff. Life is great for all of us. We are excited for Christmas. It is my favorite holiday, so we are going to be staying here in Hanford with my family. I hope everyone is doing well!!

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