Thursday, November 1, 2007

This needs to happen to every mom!

So, I have officially been pooped on. I was changing Avery's diaper the other day and she waited for the best time and then up and pooped on my hand. I have to admit, I literally screamed and Jeff had to take over so I could go wash my hands. It was so funny. I was noticing as I was putting pictures up for everyone that I have very few pictures of Avery and I. I guess I am always the one holding the camera. I really need to fix that. Some advice for all the moms out there, hand the camera to someone else and get some candids with your baby's!! Halloween was fun for us. It was the first time that we left Avery and went out. It was hard for me but she did just fine with grammy and grampa. Anyways, I hope everyone had a good holiday. We send our love/


Dad said...

What a cute baby, your going to make a great mom.

Amanda said...

You'll get used to it, but it gets more diverse - the bodily functions that erupt on you. Anyway, this is cousin Amanda, mother of Silvester. You can check us out at and there is a link to Silvester's site. She a beautiful little girl, congrats!