Thursday, November 1, 2007

A litte backtracking

She never unclenches those fists. Shes a born boxer!

This is out little bananna. She went to see daddy at the office. She was swimming in her costume. The poor thing hated it.

This is my cute baby on Halloween.

Avery hanging out with her papa.

I just could not resist. She fit so good in the pot.

IF only I could figure out how to rotate this picture. But check out her double chin. It cracks me up.

Her feet are so little. Well, they are actually big for a newborn, but still so cute and small. She has big hands too. Taking after her mamma.

They always sleep when you want them to wake up. Here is Avery on her first day of church and she is totally konked out!

This is Avery about 1 week old. Just doing her tummy time.

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