Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last week we were able to finally take Avery to ride some horses out at a friends house. We had been trying to set something up for a few months now and we were finally able to figure out a time. She was so excited and was so ready to jump on a horse and "let the horse run". This little girl was a natural on that horse and it looked like she had been riding horses before. The horses were pretty big, so we did not let her go all by herself, but she sure wanted to. At one point I got on the horse and put Avery behind me so that we could run on the horse. A few minutes into the ride Avery says ,"um... mom, I am kinda falling off the horse." Sure enough, I slow the horse down and turn around just in time to catch her before she fell off. Avery was not even a little scared. She was awesome and I cannot wait to take her back. I think I see some horse riding lessons in the near future.

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