Sunday, April 29, 2012


For Easter this year I took the girls to pick out their very own baby chick. I remember doing this as a kid and just loved it, so I was pretty sure that our girls would love it too. They had so much fun picking out just the right chick and they were so excited to get home so that they could play with them. Avery named hers chick-a-dee and June named hers Spot. Avery was so good with her chick and loved to hold it and feed it and seriously wanted to sleep with the little thing. June aka "lenny", on the other hand was a little rough and we had to watch her. Poor Spot was picked up by its head countless times and at one point he was kicked across the room. We enjoyed the chicks for a few days and then gave them to friends who had a chicken coop and were looking for baby chicks, so it worked out great.

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