Monday, February 1, 2010

Arts and crafts

I am one of those people that pretty much always has some type of project going on. Here are some that have been finished these last few weeks.
I needed some decor to hang on the wall in the girls playroom, so I whipped this up. I thought it was cute and fun for the girls.

When Corin was home for the holidays we painted some wall decor. Thanks Corin!

I wanted some jewelry making stuff for Christmas here are some fun clips that I made.


Mama J said...

I wish we were neighbors. We could get our craft on together. You are awesome.

I've been sewing like a mad woman and have yet to take pictures of my projects. Hopefully soon.

Bre said...

So crafty! I love the flowers. You are so talented. Keep it up!

Silvester Family said...

I love crafting. I kind of wish I had a girl to craft with. Sometimes Colby will crft with me but not very often. Your projects turned out really cute!

Brigette said...

Wow Breeanie! These are so adorable! Avery and June are going to be the most stylish little girls of all time.