Sunday, November 22, 2009

Past few weeks

Well here we are again, back to life with a newborn. June is such a blessing to have in our home. She has the sweetest disposition and is being so good for her mamma. I am hoping that this trend will continue! She is growing like a little weed, which is wonderful. When she was born she weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and then went down to 7 lbs 11 oz a few days later. I took her in to get weighed less than a week later and she was a whooping 9 lbs. Its pretty safe to say that she is eating just fine. She is sleeping just like a dream also (knock on wood). I am hoping that this remains a trend. Avery has really adjusted well to having a little sis around the house. Not that I was really worried that she would go crazy or anything, I just did not want her to feel like I had abandoned her. But she has been doing great. The first week or so she did not really want anything to do with June, but as the days go by she is getting better and better at paying attention to her sis and talking to her. The other day June was getting fussy and crying and Avery came to me and said,"Mamma, June is hungry she eat a boobie." She cracks me up. We have been wanting to get Avery a trampoline for a while now and we finally found one that was cheap enough. It has been wonderful to have for such an active child, plus it keeps her occupied while momma is feeding sis. We just had to catch a couple of videos of her doing her thing.

So, since the pain on labor was just not enough for me, I decided to get my wisdom teeth out a week after I had June. Kidding, the pain was plenty, but apparently I must have pushed so hard that I pushed my wisdom teeth out as well. The day that I had June my wisdom teeth came through and it was hurting pretty bad. I could not even open my mouth all the way because there was no room for them to come in and they were pushing on my jaw. Anyways, I went to the dentist and he said that they needed to come out and that he had an appointment the next day or after Christmas. So, there I was the next day. I tell you what though, I was more scared to get these dumb teeth out than I was to be induced. I only had upper wisdom teeth so it only took he like 5 mins to get teeth out, but man it sucked. Here is a picture of my teeth.... I know you all want to see them! Daddy has been such a wonderful help and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. It has been such a good thing having another baby in the house because it has really helped Avery bond more to her daddy. Before the baby came Avery was all about mamma, not that it has really changed, but she takes to daddy so much better now that they have been spending more time together. We are so lucky to have such a good daddy!


Abbey Gal said...

She is so beautiful! Congrats!

Giles Fam said...

cute pics! keep them coming! Glad to hear she is growing so big!! And I love how Avery said she needed to eat a boobie!! :) I was dying. SO CUTE!

The Sweet Lovin' Cynthia said...

Adorable!Kaylie can't wait to meet her new cousin:) funny about the wisdom teeth i had mine taken out a month after kaylie's birth, good times:)