Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lightning Mcqueen

Yes, Lightning Mcqueen is the new big thing in our house. It is shocking how much Avery loves him. She has a little car that she wraps in a blanket or a sock and takes everywhere with her. She feeds him and puts him to bed. It is actually pretty darn cute. We were walking past a Payless shoe store the other day and Avery found these slippers and just about died. I basically had to buy them because she was running all over the store wearing them. I don't know what her obsession is with "boy toys" but she loves them. Her Buzz Lightyear toy is the next on the list of favorites. She just cracks us up.

Our little lady loves to play with play dough.

Playing play dough with Grandma

Whoops!! Don't tell my daddy.


Giles Fam said...

NICE!! Love the shoes. I bet if Cali saw some of Elmo--she would be sporting those all over the place. So cute!

Alicia said...

Haha!! Love the baby boobies poking out!

Cami Epperson said...

Bretton Just got those same slippers from his cousin and he loves them too! That's funny... she's going to be a little tom boy? Love it!!