Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Avery

Last weekend we had Avery's 2nd Brithday party. It was so much fun to have all of her friends over to celebrate. Avery had so much fun playing with her friends, eating ice cream, and opening her presents. We just cant believe that our little munchkin is already 2. There will be more pictures to come and a tribute to our cute girl. We just did her 2 year old pictures and cant wait to post them. But for now, enjoy!

Avery does not like cake so we did Ice Cream and fruit pops. They were a big hit. I have to say that I probably had a solid 3-4 of them.

I think that Avery tried on every pair of shoes at the party.

Jeff was our official BBQer.

Just having some Mellon

Avery was so glad to have so many friends at her party. Tess is one of Avery's favorite friends. She does not go a day without asking if she can play with Tess.

Cousins Maggie and Olivia.

Zac and Avery are only 3 weeks apart and have so much fun together!!

Lannah, Maelee and Nixion just being cute for pictures.

Aiden and Claire are two of Avery's friends from church whom she loves to play with.

Thanks to everyone for coming!!


Alicia said...

So fun! Happy Birthday, Avery!!

Cassie and Kenny said...

thanks for inviting us! Awesome party and great food.

Cami Epperson said...

Holy Crap... she's 2?!? That means mine will be 2 soon... they grow up too fast! Good job on the potty training too. I'm kindof dreading that one... any pointers would be great, although I'm SURE girls are easier to train than boys. ;)