Sunday, June 29, 2008

And we're walking!!!

Well my camera sucks and I caught it at the wrong moment. But, Avery is walking. Her best record so far is 11 steps. Yeah!!! Its really cute. She loves crawling up the stairs at my parents house. She just crawls around so fast it is really unbelievable.

Avery loves to "read" books. She turns the pages and feels all the fuzzy parts of the books. Its quite cute.

You are all probably wondering about the bruise on her head. Holy cow it was so sad. She is taking some steps on her own now and I just want to put a helmet on her head or some bubble wrap or something. She totally fell and hit her head on a chair. It was horrible.

Man, Avery loves this tape measure.

Here is the Fam at my sister Corins graduation.


GILES FAM said...

Hey Panties! My mom was here visiting us, and she told me about Jeff's new calling! :) Holy are a wife of a bishopric member. Do you feel old or what? :) Just teasing. That's awesome, though. Cute pics. i can't believe avery is walking already. she just started to crawl! Cali is still way too scared to attempt the whole walking thing. oh well. Miss ya!

By the way--you're fam is so cute. And when did Corinne (sp?) get old enough to graduate?? Holy crap!

Bre said...

Congratulations Avery! That is big news. Hey call me sometime.

jj evans said...

I loved this stage mostly because her clothes were so much cuter when she walked rather than when she crawled!

Alicia said...

I just saw Lauren's post and Jeff is a member of the bishopric!? Wow! How exciting! I can't believe that Avery is walking! Go Avery! Hailey started the crawling thing officially this week so we'll see how long it takes her to figure out walking. I have a feeling (and a hope) that it will be a while! :)