Friday, May 30, 2008

Harry Potter

Well, my parents moved and in their new house they built a Harry Potter room under the stairs for Avery. It is really cute. She has a bunch of toys in there. It is pretty funny to see her just sitting in there playing. Our little girl sure is getting good at standing. She pulls herself up and balances by herself. She even took two steps the other day. Aaahhhh!! My baby is growing up!!


Heather said...

She's too cute! Tell Jeff she has his head! It's a silvester thing... lol
Heather (cousin in Utah, in case you don't remember)

Alicia said...

What cute pictures! I love the second to last picture. It's framable!

Bre said...

To cute! In the last two pictures in the top one she looks like Jeff and in the bottom one she looks like you. How fun! Are you still planning a trip to Utah in July?