Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's been forever!

Well, Avery is now a little over six months old. She is trying so hard to crawl and is just itching to run around. She was 17 lbs and 26 inches at her last appointment and is packing on the pounds. That puts her in the 75% for her age. She just loves to be outside, in the water, and doing anything that involves eating something. She has been keeping us pretty busy the last couple of weeks.

I just love bananas! Or anything I can put in my mouth.

Walkin in my pappas shoes

Mamma and Avery hanging out in the spa.

So, i chose this picture on purpose because it shows just how much Avery moves. Its non stop. She cannot sit still for one minute. Its pretty funny to see because even if she is laying down her arms are going one hundred miles an hour. She is trying so hard to crawl, its pretty funny to watch.

Just playing with my favorite toy.

Ok, I know that someday Avery will probably kill me when she finds out I posted a picture of her bum on the Internet, but seriously, it cracks me up. Literally!! All those roll!! I got myself one healthy baby.


jj evans said...

Love it! The rolls are fantastic and so fun to squish!! We need to get together again! About the phone call the other day, Zoe has learned to love the cell. She calls everyone and I don't find out until later when I get phone calls back from everyone.

Alicia said...

What great pictures! haha! Those are awesome rolls!!

Oh! I think we're heading up to Porterville on the 3rd of April and will be there until about the 6th. Will you be there on the 4th for us to come to Hanford and visit you for a few hours? Then Hailey and Avery could meet! :) Email me!

GILES FAM said...

Holy Crap! I LOVE that last pic of her legs and butt. I am dying!! Words can't even's totally the perfect way to end a post. :) Too funny!

Amanda said...

Squishy babies are the best. Silvester is almost always in the 90%s, although he's dense packed and moves a lot like your little one. It's fun to have them squishy and that's the best baby rolls picture I think I have ever seen.