Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My little munchkins

I feel like Avery is just growing up and the time is slipping away from me. She is getting so big and is doing so many grown up things. She has the funniest vocabulary and says the most random things. I love just talking to her and letting her tell me whats on her mind.
*Horses- The love/obsession of horses continues. She just loves them. It is a constant request that I play horses with her and she has all the props to make it happen. She uses whatever she can as reins and she usually wants to get on my back and ride around. I wish there were words to describe her lovely horse noise, but there are not, so just trust me when I say that it is a treat for the ears.
*Mommy- Avery loves mommy time. Goodness. I am always being asked to play with her or read to her or have her help me.
*Swimming- This little girl is AMAZING!! I tell you what! This last week she has mastered her front flip, which she is very proud of. If you cant find Avery, she is in the pool!
*Buddies- Can I just say that Avery is a social butterfly. Every time we go the park, she comes away with like 5 new friends. She just loves to play with older kids and asks to play with the older friends more than those her own age.
*Prayers- I love little kids and their sweet prayers. Averys include asking for a colored horse named spirit and a power wheel car with doors, because the ones without doors just don't cut it.
*Singing- Avery loves to sing and listen to songs and she actually remembers them really well.
*Silly things- I love being silly with my girls!! But Avery is the queen of saying silly things. I asked Avery the other day if I could go potty in her bathroom because daddy was in ours. She followed my into the bathroom like usual and proceeded to show me what to do. As soon as I sat down she said,"OK mom, now you just let her rip!" Hahaha!!
Avery told me the other day that bad guys are her favorite. When I asked her why, she said that she didn't know, only that Jesus made her to like them. We talked about it for a minute and when we could not agree she said,"well mom, it looks like I am the expert on this one." My little lady is growing up on me. I just love her!

June is such a sweetie!! She is just a sensitive little thing, but sooo happy and smiling. Every where we go I always get comments on how happy she is. Some things that June is up to lately..
*Princesses- she loves to dress up and to play with the little polly pocket princesses. We always find her with a princess in hand.
*Freeze- I dont know how this caught on, but she loves to say freeze and watch everyone stay still for a minute and then they just does it over and over.
*Ghost- June always walks around with her blanket over her head and says that she is a ghost. She literally runs into walls and everything else.
*Reading- I always find this girl reading books. She would sit forever and read her stories.
*Talking- This girl's vocabulary has just exploded over the last few months. She pretty much says everything. She knows all her colors, animals (complete with noises), and loves to sing.
*Buzz shirt- This little lady insists on wearing her buzz shirt to bed. The outfit is usually complete with princess pants, but the buzz shirt is a must.
How we love our little June. We do like to say that this girl has some rage in her though. She will be totally happy and fine and then there is screaming for some reason and usually Avery comes crying saying that June has hit her or pulled her hair. Gotta love sisterly love. June is doing great in the pool. We never put floaties on her and she is doing great on her own. She loves putting her face in and jumping off the wall and going down the slide. Cute little fish.

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