Monday, December 13, 2010

June is 1

June turned 1 on November 3rd and boy has the year flown by. She is just the sweetest and happiest baby and we are lucky to have her. June is still a little explorer and loves to pull things out of drawers, purses and just about anything. I love finding her toys in the kitchen drawers when I go to put away the dishes. she loves pictures. One of our daily activities is looking at all the pictures on the wall and on my phone. She loves to dance. If this girl feels a beat the wants to be put down so that she can dance it out! She is growing more and more everyday and I can tell that she understands so much now. Some of her words include mamma, daddda, bannana, shoe, and fish. I love that she is able to do things herself like put her toys away and go get the book or the blanket. Which brings me to another obsession of hers, her blanket. She just loves fuzzy blankets! Our sweet baby is just too skinkin cute. She loves to come running into the bathroom when she hears the bath water come on and loves taking baths with her big sis. We love you baby June!

Thanks to Auntie Ki for the great pics!


Mama J said...

OH June bug, you are ever so cute! And you sound so much like Amara with your love for dancing :)

Love the crocheted flower Bree!

Kristin Barrow said...

So cute, those pictures are great .