Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Months

Our sweet baby June is 10 months old this month. She is the sweetest most sensitive baby in the world and we love her so much. At her 10 month appointment she weighed in at 23 lbs and 12 oz and was 30 inc long. Its pretty safe to say that she is growing just fine and is still our chubby bunny. We are starting to her her sweet baby babbling, which includes mamma, dadda, and babba. We love our little June Bug.

Exploring and getting into everything. June is our little persistent explorer. Once she finds something that she wants, there is just no stopping her from playing with it. Even if it is the toilet, or the dirty shoes on the floor. We have to put everything away from this one.

Big Sis is Junes best friend (please excuse Averys face, for some reason this is the new smile). Now I cant say that the feelings are mutual, but we are working on that as well as the smile. June just loves Avery and no one can make her smile more.

Standing, cruising,and a few little steps. I am just waiting for her to take off and full blown walk any day now. She loves to stand up and walk and its pretty cute to watch her.

Biting, chewing, and eating everything. Including these lovely chunk of crib that June ate as a bedtime snack. She really is a great eater and it sure makes feeding her really simple.


Amanda said...

Lots of good fiber. I love that smile of Avery's, it so reminds me of Silvester's when he's being goofy. And like June, Zola loves her brother and NOTHING makes her happier than seeing him. She'll crane her head around, look frantically and is happiest when he is around.

Amanda said...

the fiber comment was about wood chewing. After re-reading it, it seemed a bit strange.

Giles Fam said...

LOVE it! Your girls are ADORABLE