Monday, May 3, 2010

Chips and Salsa

I have really come to love spending time in the kitchen with Avery. It has really come as more of a necessity than anything, but none the less, I have come to look forward to it. She enjoys helping me and I have to cook, so it just works out. One of our favorite things to make and to eat is salsa. She loves to stir the bowl and obviously just sit on the counter with me afterwards and eat! We love our crazy Avery; whom we just signed up for preschool...aaahhh! Is she already there? Where did the time go. It was so cute to take her and tour the school. She loved her little classroom and I just could not get over how cute the little Minnie bathrooms were. Its safe to say that she is really excited and cant wait. Till then we will continue to make chips and salsa.

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