Saturday, January 9, 2010

Willie Wonka

The other morning Avery and I were in my room changing June's diaper. Avery was jumping on the bed and all the sudden she stopped and said, "Hey little don't touch that squirrel's nuts, you'll make him crazy." It seriously took a second to register what she just said, but when I remembered that we were watching Willie Wonka (the one with Johnny Depp) the other day, I was just dying!

I was doing laundry the other day and all of Avery's clothes were sorted and folded and ready to be put away. I went in the other room to put my clothes away and when I came back she had her panties all over the place and was in the middle of putting on a pair. I asked Avery what was going on and she just said that all of the other panties were broken and they didn't work. My, my... who ever does not like two year olds, you need to come play with mine for a while. I wish that I could capture all these cute little things on video because they are priceless.

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Giles Fam said...

AWESOME! Love the stories...keep them coming!