Sunday, October 11, 2009

Avery Rose

Our little Avery turned 2 at the beginning of September and if its possible, we love her more and more every day. It is such a wonderful experience being a mother and watching your child grow. I just cant imagine missing a minute of this. Here are some fun facts about Avery.
* She is one busy little bee and is constantly in motion, which is nicer now that she is mobile.
* The only vegetables she will eat consciously are salsa and ketchup.
* She loves stuffed animals. There are a solid 6 animals in her crib at any given time. They all get names and have been pretty much everywhere with her.
* Her fuzz, or blankie is a must to go to sleep.
* She rocks the toilet all by herself
* She loves to read stories and can remember everything about them.
* She knows her colors loves to describe everything that she sees with a color and a size. If it is big, its a big mamma.
* Her love of sharks and buzz lightyear is shocking.
* She loves to watch disney movies and can remember all the songs, which she wants me to sing back to her non-stop. Some of her favorites are Mulan, King Fu Panda, Toy Story, and Lion King.
* She loves to get her back scratched and will ask me to snuggle with her and do some scratchies.
* I have to say that she is one of the happiest kids I have every met.
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl and are so blessed to be able to watch her grow and be part of her sweet little life thus far.

Thanks Kilean!! We love the pictures!!


Cami Epperson said...

I can't believe she's 2! How it flies!! The pictures are adorable and I can't see what the next one looks like!!

Jay, Holly, Talen said...

Cute pictures Avery:) Can't believe you already turned 2!