Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Adventures of Avery and Zoe

This last week we had some visitors!! My old room mate Janelle and her daughter Zoe came to visit us for a few days. Its been a long time coming and Avery and I were so excited to have some fun with our friends. It was so fun to catch up and to see how our little girls played with each other and interacted. It was too cute. We went to the park and played in the water, went swimming at the gym, had some funny salsa moments, made countless trips to jamba juice, and some fun bath times. We miss our friends and are so glad that they came to visit us!

Little Avery with Auntie Janelle

Zoe thought it was so funny to run down this little hill and tackle me again and again. It was pretty funny to watch.

Man, getting these two girls is a picture together was practically impossible. We tried so hard to do a photo shoot on Wednesday afternoon, but we did more of chasing around little girls. Too cute.

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Mama J said...

Oh we had so much fun! You'll have to send me some of the pictures you got and I'll do the same. Do you have Picassa?