Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up...and a random story.

Well our computer has been down for a week or so and it is finally all better again. YEAH!! Anyways, on to the random story. So, the other day I was at the gym doing the spin class and I thought that I would ask one of the owners of the gym about teaching a class at the gym. She gave me some information but told me that I should talk to this guy that would be in the gym the next day. So, the next day I called him and he asked me to come down to the gym and talk to him. After a little while of questions and answers between us I was about to leave and was thanking him for his time. He then proceeded to offer me a job as a PT at the gym. Safe to say I was a little shocked. Anyways... crazy story.

Avery and Cali just hanging out. This is my good friend Lauren's baby..the one mentioned in the previous post.

Just getting ready for a bike ride. And loving the cool weather.

Here we are at the Fresno fair just watching some pigs race. Aahhh...good ol Hanford.


GILES FAM said...

Those are such cute pics. Cali's hair looks crazy in that shot of her with Avery. :) Too funny!

Oh, and don't keep me did you accept the job or what? :) I'm assuming yes?? That is seriously so cool. Go Panties! :)

Mama J said...

I'm loving the pictures! So did you take the job?

Alicia said...

SUPER cute pictures! Your pictures always look so professional! congrats on the job too! How is life? We haven't talked in a while!

Cassie and Kenny said...

Hey, the pictures are so cute, I think We will take our christmas pics with the truck.....
have you been working on our blog?