Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Purple hair

So Avery is getting another tooth. We are pretty lucky because she is only really fussy for a day or so. Nothing else is really new. Well, about the picture below. We are in the middle of helping my parents move and we were cleaning behind the couch and found this rubber ball that popped. Avery loved playing with it. There was a big hole in it where it popped, so I put it on Avery's head. I have seriously never laughed so hard in my life. She was just pulling on the rubber hairs and they were snapping on her head and she was cracking up. It was great!!

I am so stressed!!

Just set me in my hi chair, give me a cucumber, and I am good!! Well, for about 5 minutes!!

I love tomatoes!! Who would have thought?


Alicia said...

Those pictures are so cute! She looks great with purple hair! haha. I'm glad you liked the picture I found of us in high school. Sadly, it was one of the only ones!

jj evans said...

What a PuNk RoCkEr!! Hmmm...maybe a Halloween idea this year?!? She still is as cute as ever!

GILES FAM said...

I love seeing your new posts! And the hair is absolutely wonderful...too funny! By the way--i didn't know your family was moving!!? What's up with that? Where are they moving to?

Oh, and every time I talk to my mom she always brings you and Avery up. "So at church on Sunday, Breean let me hold Avery...."
or "I saw Danny and Heidi walking around the neihborhood the other day, and they were taking Avery with them" then she proceeds to tell me how jealous of your parents because you actually live close to them. What a good daughter. :)